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Item no. : HPS279LTD
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Release Date : 06 October 2023



“I had just got off the road and went right into the studio out in the desert at Rancho de La Luna. I was living in the house just behind at the time making sessions super convenient. I was set to record with my band the Bros in a couple weeks but I decided to go into the Rancho early and get some sounds. Tony and I ended up recording a bunch of songs that I was writing on the fly. A week later the Bros showed up and we recorded another batch of songs with the band playing live in the front room. After we wrapped I combined both my solo session and the Bros session and released in as one record called Saved By Magic on my label Duna records. That was 2005. Now I’m rereleasing this record on HPS and I’ve decided to separate the two sessions into their original bodies of work. My solo session and the Bros session. I mostly did this because I feel the Bros deserve to have something of their own as they were a magical band. I also just thought it would be cool. I call both records Saved By Magic Again.” 
1. '73
2. Lil' Bro 
3. Dr. Aura
4. Inside Of You
5. Paradise On Earth
6. Gonna Make The Pony Trot
7. The Messengers
8. Dylan's Fantasy
9. Moda
10. Cool Abdul 
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