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Item no. : DA015
Artist : BRASS BOX
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 01 October 2021



Los Angeles based band BRASS BOX is creating a fresh brand of noisy shoegaze that is equally atmospheric as it is melodic-- a sound that immediately casts listeners into a sea of velvet and thorns annexed by an indomitable wave of swirling guitars and shimmering harmonies. The band is the collective effort of singer and bassist Ammo Bankoff (AMMO, Tête, Black Flamingo), guitarist Neil Popkin (War Tapes, Rituals), guitarist Matt Bennett (War Tapes), and drummer Pablo Amador (Rituals, Magic Wands).Having previously met sharing bills at underground shows, the band was formed after Bankoff, armed with a self-produced demo, ran into Popkin at a bar.The duo eventually brought on Bennett and Amador which lead to the initial formation of the band’s current lineup. Their first EP Ivory Skies from 2016 was met with critical success from notable critics, with Buzzbands.LA calling its compositions “a proper sound bath in both melody and noise,” and DoLA describing their uniquely goth pop as “drenched in macabre imagery and poetic goth themes.” With the upcoming release of their debut LP The Cathedral the band solidified their spot as LA’s finest purveyors of a genre they define as dream goth.
a1. Bats
a2. Golden
a3. DDM
a4. Surrender
a5. Latency
b1. Waves
b2. Towne
b3. Roses
b4. Ivory Skies
b5. Parting Ways
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