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Item no. : DRAK2569LP
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 14 February 2020



Did Brdigung finally grow up? After six studio albums, a live album and various sampler tracks and smaller releases: Wouldn't the time be right to show a more contemplative, soft and vulnerable side of the band with their new album? This is trending and everybody's doing it, right? Never! Even if "Zeig dich!" is proof that Brdigung have developed further as songwriters, they still won't be accepted at any courses for better behaviour. The band stays true to their roots when addressing things directly, uncensored and loud. "Zeig dich!" is an album for all the people who are tired of artists without opinions and scared to offend anyone. Where others still might ask "Is that allowed?", Brdigung couldn't care less about the so-called "Political Correctness" in this day and age. Metal-infused punk rock, rough but also catchy, throwing punches in all directions so that nobody can escape. Are you sick of always being nice and thoughtful and also not a fan of "hipsters"? Then show yourselves! On album no 7 Brdigung deliver 14 brand new tracks, available as digipak, limited box set and strictly limited vinyl in two different color versions. Be part of our movement, now or never: Brdigung - "Zeig dich!"
1. Intro
2. Zeig dich
3. Walking Dead auf XTC
4. Brich aus
5. Holt mich hier raus
6. Kein Fick
7. Dreh die Musik auf
8. Hipster Hipster
9. Ob du behindert bist
10. Lichtblick
11. Vielleicht ja vielleicht nein
12. Stampfen
13. Nur einen Sommer lang
14. Weck mich auf
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