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Item no. : SC245CD
Product type : Compact Disc Double
Release Date : 09 September 2013



Strengthened by the respected legacy of original members AC Wild and Andy Panigada, Bulldozer released their long-waited come back album ‘Unexpected Fate’ in 2009.

After signing a worldwide deal with Scarlet Records, thhe album was released to rave reviews and stellar sales: The album was a huge success among all the real thrash metal purists around the globe.

Bulldozer were back, and fast & furious as never before, with a lethal dosage of heavy riffs and disturbing vocals, plenty of attitude, an intriguing lyrical concept.

Special guest appearances by renowned musicians Jennifer Batten and Billy Sheehan only strengthened the bands resolve to return to the forefront of the thrash metal scene.

September 2013 will see the band releasing their ultimate live testimony: 'The NeuroSpirit Lives'.

This release captures Bulldozer's electrifying live performance as never seen before: recorded at Rock Hard Festival 2012 in Milan, Italy.
This not to be missed DVD+CD comes in a deluxe digipack format and includes all the band's classic songs in full video and audio quality.


1. Overture Neurodeliri
2. IX/Desert (Medley)
3. Ilona The Very Best
4. Misogynists
5. The Derby
6. Impotence
7. Minkions
8. The Final Separation
9. Ride Hard Die Fast
10. Use Your Brain
11. Bastards
12. The Exorcism
13. Cut Throat
14. Whiskey Time
15. Willful Death (You’ll Be Recalled)
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