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Item no. : DVP233LP
Product type : Vinyl Mini LP
Release Date : 16 December 2022


DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present Of Night and Lust, a special split mini-album between BUNKER 66 and Germany’s LUCIFUGE, on CD and 12” vinyl formats. BUNKER 66 are up first and show no signs of slowing down, especially so after 15 years as a band now. “Mellhammer” and “Sulphurous Lust” are exemplary displays of their greasy speed-metal surge, and yet subtly exude an eerie aspect that perhaps point the way forward for future recordings. Capping their entry is a faithful cover of Motörhead’s “Doctor Rock,” which both underlines BUNKER 66’s roots as well as reverently paying respect to the fallen gods of Lemmy and Würzel. LUCIFUGE follow with an even-more-blackened iteration of their etched-in-stone metalpunk across the tracks “The Great Unseen” and “In Blood and Dust.” They conclude with a surprising-yet-storming anthem fittingly titled “Warriors of the Night.” While many metal anthems have been attempted under such a title, you’ve truly never heard one as invigorating as this – nor LUCIFUGE so bright and brassy!
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