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Item no. : VAN047V
Artist : BURDEN
Product type : Vinyl Double Album
Release Date : 05 April 2011


There is saying that has and will always be true when it comes to creating music: It takes heart and soul to write persuasive songs. It is not necessarily about a particular style, it is rather that authenticity, passion and power are the essentials for an outstanding band. And these are the ingredients BURDEN use when they create their unique mixture of Rock, Metal, Stoner and Doom. BURDEN was founded by Saint D. (g) and Dave (dr.) and the founding year has been exclusively spent rehearsing and creating songs since BURDEN has never been about snapshots at all. In the course of time and after lots and lots of self-critical songwriting some very intense and authentic tunes emerged. But how to create real smashers onstage whithout a proper band? It took some time to find a suitable and professional line up. Thanks to Thorsten’s outstanding vocals, Johnny’s tight bass lines and the drive of second guitarist Marcus, BURDEN has turned into a well-rehearsed and hard working band. Needless to say, that the music business soon became aware of the band’s qualities. In early 2010, the band started to co-operate with Germany’s finest Van/Soulfood. Both parties are happy working together and the first result of their partnership was the 7" "Man of no Account". Needless to say either that this 7" provoked more than astonishing reviews and led to even more astonishing gigs. BURDEN were offered to support ST:VITUS, SOULFLY and THE HAUNTED on the five German dates of their European tour and the band also shared the stage with legendary STUCK MOJO. All gigs went more than well and BURDEN impressively demonstrated that they’re able to reach every audience. No matter which musical style they prefer – true hearted music can break down every boundary. March 2011 will mark the next big step in the history of BURDEN. "A Hole In The Shell", their long awaited debut album, will be released via Van Records/ Soulfood all over Europe and a tour with the almighty KYUSS LIVES is to follow. This spring is getting stormy and everyone who is dedicated to true hearted music should keep more than an eye on BURDEN!
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