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Item no. : REM031
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Label : REMEDY
Release Date : 02 August 2010



In the 10th year of their existence BURDEN OF GRIEF unleash their already third album "Fields Of Salvation". And if you trus the common business-rule that the third album of a band decides on their future and fate, so actually nothing can go wrong for BURDEN OF GRIEF. The band took a long time since the last album and you can hear that very clearly when you listen to the new material. Never before the songs of BURDEN OF GRIEF were such overwhelming and elaborated, never before the varieties between melancholy and aggressive moments were such matured and never before there has been paid such attention to details in the songwriting. The 9 songs impress by an unbelievable energy, the many years of live experience and intensive stage presence have been reflected in the new material. The band is grown up. Already the both previous albums "Haunting Requiems" (2000) and "On Darker Trails" (2001) pointed up the band’s high potential and have been praised by fans and press equally. With their appearances on the IRON MAIDEN and the METALLICA tribute-albums by Nuclear Blast (2002) BURDEN OF GRIEF showed once more how deep they’re rooted in classical metal.
1. Desaster And Decay
2. Dead Soul Decline
3. The Nightmare Within
4. Engaged With Destiny
5. Fields Of Salvation (Instr.)
6. Slowly Pass Out
7. Yearning For Salvation
8. The Silent Killing
9. Don't Fear The Creeper
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