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Release Date : 21 August 2006



An explosive debut fusing the heavy hitting power and dynamics of contemporary US metal with a distinct keyboard driven European flare. From epic melodic heights and punishing breakdowns to blasting death metal destruction, Burn In Silence have crafted a great, genre transcending album .

From Massachusetts, USA, Burn In Silence have produced a distinct and powerful debut album in “Angel Maker”. Having tightly developed their expansive sound with extensive US touring with Damage Plan, Shadows Fall and Morbid Angel and a Ken Susi (Unearth) produced and self released EP in 2004, the band signed with Prosthetic. The resulting full length “Angel Maker”, (also produced by Ken Susi and mixed by Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Himsa etc), really does transcend the genre and scene in which Burn In Silence grew up in. Soaring vocals and melodies layer epic textures to the driving metallic hardcore breakdown chaos ; the interweaving keyboards and electronics further expand the sound to unique higher levels, at times recalling the sounds of Fear Factory or strong European metal leanings, before dropping back into a caustic breakdown. The band will tour the USA extensively throughout the Summer before setting their sights on Europe later in the year.

1. Lines From A Epitaph
2. Rebirth
3. The Age In Which Tomorrow Brings
4. Embrace The Plague
5. Primal Human Pain
6. Angel Maker
7. Judging Hope
8. Well Adjusted
9. Watching Dead Leaves Fall
10. World Of Regret
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