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Release Date : 01 June 2009


Although some define hardcore as a specific sound, most believe it’s more than that; a set of varying ideas, ethics, principles, attitudes, and yes, music, that converge to form a community. So what draws people to this underground scene, and why are so many able to find their home within its invisible walls? Burning Fight: The Nineties Hardcore Revolution in Ethics, Politics, Spirit, and Sound by Brian Peterson provides some answers, but also brings up a whole new set of questions for those who‘ve been drawn to the scene’s political, social, ethical, and spiritual ideas amidst the screamed vocals and abrasive chords. Beginning in 2003, Peterson tracked down some people who were a part of nineties hardcore. Over the course of five years, the idea spread into a project that included over 150 interviews with many band members, zine writers, show promoters, and others involved in hardcore during the nineties from all around the country. I decided to focus the book on the debates surrounding straight edge, animal rights, politics/activism, and spirituality, Peterson says. It seemed like you couldn’t go to a show in the early nineties without getting into a discussion with someone about one of these topics. Obviously, there were many other important issues, ideas, and, of course, bands from this era, but I also realized I couldn’t write an encyclopedia. So, I went with the topics and bands that seemed to resonate most with the people I interviewed. Burning Fight draws upon the memories of many who played influential roles in the nineties hardcore era to understand what made this scene so unique in its ability to synthesize music, politics, social issues and spirituality into what many felt was a powerful counter-cultural movement, where change was just around the corner.
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