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Item no. : BLOOD213
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Release Date : 19 October 2018



The legendary Swedish ambient unit Carbon Based Lifeforms hits vinyl and CD once again by popular demand.
The Gothenburg-based duo, known for it's soothing analog atmospheres and complex melodic evolutions through the minimalist cycle, has pulled brand-new digital remasters on its lush back catalog.  In connection with the re-release of the band's incredible demo album under the moniker Notch - “The Path” - the classic recording debut is brought to vinyl, and given a proper CD release, for the first time in history!
Garnering loads of fans around the world for their calm, exoplanetary ambiance – recalling similar atmospheres as Brian Eno's Apollo music and Aphex Twin's early works - this is the apex of the next logical step in ambient's musical development.  Imagine an obscure soundtrack to the longstanding search for extraterrestrial life, and you're on the right track.  Best enjoyed with a tall glass of wine and a massive pair of headphones.

1. Intro
2. Behind the Corner
3. Rain
4. Rise to Tomorrow
5. Hold
6. Machinery
7. And Contact
8. Sinful Things
9. Dreamshore Forest
10. Submerged
11. Contaminated Area
12. Last Breath
13. Station Blue
14. Or Plan B
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