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Release Date : 09 April 2021



Pure old School Swedish Death Metal, filled with Catchy rhythms, Melody and Hooks.

With roots that date back to the early 1990’s original Death Metal movement, the core members of CARNAL SAVAGERY formed out of the ashes of the cult Cromlech. After several demo’s, lots of gigs with Entombed, Dismember, Therion, Tiamat, Merciless, Meshuggah and some major label offers, the band split and the members went on to play in other notorious bands such as Divine Souls, Wan and Desolation. Returning to their old school roots in 2020, they formed CARNAL SAVAGERY and recorded their first demo in a matter of months. CARNAL SAVAGERY swiftly scored their first record deal and released their debut album “Grotesque Macabre” the same year. Upon hearing “Grotesque Macabre”, Moribund Records signed CARNAL SAVAGERY to a multi-album deal and they immediately entered the studio to record their follow-up masterpiece, “Fiendish”.

“Fiendish” is a choice cut, beefy slab of putrid and rotting old school Death Metal! This morsel of MEAT comes with HOOKS Attached- catchy melodic rhythms, memorable choruses, pounding drums, clear yet brutal vocals, and searing solos. With “Fiendish”, CARNAL SAVAGERY not only eat the Dead, but they also devour every other modern Death Metal band with their gnashing teeth, spitting out the gristly remains! From the album opener “Shredded Flesh”, through the groove riddled “Embalmed Corpses”, to the gory end of “Grotesque Macabre”, this album has it all, drenched in blood and dripping embalming fluid! “Fiendish” is a Monstrous and Meaty slab of classic Swedish Melodic Death Metal tempered with the perfect amount of brutality!

A quote from Death Metal legend Dan Swanö @ Unisound who mastered “Fiendish”~
“I gotta say, it’s a nice development from the first album! It’s good, pure fucking death metal without any fuzz. Like a death-mangling AC/DC. Really sick!”

1. Shredded Flesh
2. Reborn Dead
3. Embalmed Corpses
4. In Death I Thrive
5. Dead Rotten Meat
6. Maggot Infested Flesh
7. Exhumed
8. Veil of Death
9. Gluttony
10. Grotesque Macabre
11. Vermin (3:37) (CD Only Bonus Track)
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