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Release Date : 22 January 2016



Punk is dead? THE CASUALTIES never cared about such bullshit. Once again the New York stalwarts give voice to the street with a fist full of smashing anthems. In an age of austerity, corporate takeover of this planet, and rising anger "Chaos Sound" bristles with counter-culture rage translated into energetic riffing, barking vocals and a heavy dose of rock. Fierce but always melodic, THE CASUALTIES remain a far cry from teenage poster-boy industry created sell-outs that have become associated with their style. The New Yorkers are the real thing and "Chaos Sound" continues where "Resistance" (2012) left off with another smasher in the face of oppression. Listen and rise up!


1. Intro
2. Chaos Sound
3. Visions of Greed
4. Running through the Night
5. Brothers and Sisters
6. Murder Us All
7. Work Our Lives Away
8. Countdown to Tomorrow
9. Fight for What’s Mine
10. Keep Your Distance
11. In the Lost City
12. Bomb Blast
13. R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
14. Halfway to Hell
15. United Streets
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