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Release Date : 07 January 2013



For over a decade the Swiss metal institution CATARACT has released one quality record after another, toured Europe extensively year after year – now their 6th release is upon us: “Killing The Eternal”!
The almighty title of the record, which follows 2008’s successful selftitled "Cataract", stands out like a sore thumb, defiant of any and all modern trends – this is defining music!
"Killing the Eternal" is THE proof of what the name has stood for since 1998: massive riffs in between thrash, death and core, straight and in your face! The band sounds heavier and more focused than ever, hitting the listener where it hurts the most!
The experience accumulated through years of pioneering the European scene shows in their brutal riffs, their hateful vocals and crushing rhythms and the newly incorporated solos. The songs go back to the roots without denying what 2010 needs as a forethinker of a whole movement.
This is exactly what is expected by their huge fan base, which - thanks to constant tours (Hell On Earth twice, X-Mas Festivals, supporting AMON AMARTH, etc.) and festival gigs (Pressure Fest, With Full Force, Wacken, Hellfest, Summer Breeze, etc.) - is nowadays comprised almost equally of metal and hardcore fans.
"Killing the Eternal" will be enjoyed to the fullest by either Metal, Hardcore, Thrash Metal Fans alike! Prepare for getting the earwax removed by the monstrous sound courtesy of Antfarm Studios (HEAVEN SHALL BURN, THE HAUNTED, etc.) and destroying their furniture in a furious mosh.
For over a decade CATARACT Switzerland stands for… BRUTALITY!
1. Never
2. Lost Souls
3. Reap the Outcasts
4. Killing the Eternal
5. Failed
6. Urban Waste
7. Mankind's Burden
8. Hollow Steps
9. Drain Murder and Loss
10. The Faith you have misused
11. Black Ash
12. Spawned by Illusions (Bonus Track)
13. Allegory to a dying world
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