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Release Date : 07 June 2010



CEMETERY URN , the purveyors of 'Australian Barbaric Death Metal', return with a new full length album, 'The Conquered Are Burned'. The band features members from Melbourne’s most prominent and influential Death Metal Bands: DAMON BLOODSTORM: formerly of the Infamous Australian War Metal legend's BESTIAL WARLUST, leading the assault with undoubtedly, the best vocals of his long career. ANDREW GILON: lays down a brutal onslaught of guitars. The lead work on display is at times moody & epic, before launching into the faster almost shredding style that Gillon displayed on the later ABOMINATOR albums. New bassist SQUIZ: formerly of DREADNAUGHT & Tasmanian convict rock aficionado’s Mustang, provides a solid backbone to the Aussie jugernaught. The no frills bass specialist fits perfectly into the CEMETARY URN style & adds yet another dimension to the now fully evolved & fiercely unique style. Since the debut album "Urn of Blood", the band has completed a successful tour of the USA alongside the Death Metal legions ANGELCORPSE, SANGUIS IMPERIUM and fellow locals GOSPEL OF THE HORNS. While on tour the band visited major metal hubs such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. The band is scheduled to make a highly anticipated return to the U.S.A. in October 2010. CEMETERY URN new full length album shows a refinement in the bands style and production techniques. The band exhibits a very natural production, steering well clear of the modern overproduced productions that are over flooding metal markets these days. CEMETERY URN creates an almost serpent like characteristic in the natural dynamics that take the listener on a roller coaster ride through the sound spectrum. Before encircling and crushing the listener without mercy. The conviction of CEMETERY URN new offering, "The Conquered Are Burned", eclipses all previous releases from these legendary pioneers of Australian Metal.
1. Deaths Turbulent Fire
2. The Plague of Annihilation
3. Bloodied Death Curse
4. Wrath from The Grave
5. Possessed Terror
6. ......Of Spectral Dominance
7. A Cemeterial Reaping (Part 1 & 2)
8. The Conquered Are Burned
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