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Item no. : FDDL0057
Artist : CHEATS, THE
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 30 September 2013



Forming in 2001, The Cheats are pure rock n’ roll: tailor-made for beer baths, shout-alongs and the inevitable purge after a long, hard night of drinking.
Guitar driven, Marshall stack thumping, good time Punk; The Cheats are a breath of fresh air that happens to smell like stale beer, cigarettes and dirty sex.
Not only do they play it, they live it. If you like bands like The Supersuckers, Electric Frankenstein and The Dwarves, then you will love The Cheats!

Mixing punk rock, grit, cheap beer and sweat, The Cheats' "Life's Short" delivers everything you've been missing about punk rock!

1. No Time
2. Bombs Away
3. Hammersmith Palais
4. N.Y.C
5. Boredom
6. Wrecked
7. Day After Day
8. Creep City
9. I don`t
10. Who Cares?
11. Endless Vacation
12. I´m Not Dead Yet
13. Surrender
14. I Want Some
15. Hanging On The Telephone
16. Shoot You Down
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