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Item no. : FAT692CD
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 18 April 2005



If punk rock’s latest incarnation of makeup-wearing, metal-infused macabreness isn’t your cup of tea, we’ve got a Canadian brew just for you…CHIXDIGGIT! After almost five years Chixdiggit are back, and they pick up exactly where they left off with their fourth album Pink Razors. Eager to re-inject the fun into punk rock, Chixdiggit roll out thirteen freshl penned tunes that will surely please the pickiest of fans. Songs about their favourite discount store (Welcome to the Daiso), discussions with fans after shows (You’re Pretty Good) and meeting girls on the internet (Geocities Kitty), all exemplify KJ’s (singer guitarist) knack for turning everyday events into hilarious lyrics peppered with social commentary. Only one of the songs on Pink Razors clocks in at over the 3 minute mark, proving that Chixdiggit have kept their simple approach to writing straight forward punk songs.
1. Welcome To The Daiso
2. I Remember You
3. Get Down
4. You're Pretty Good
5. Geocities Kitty
6. J Crew
7. Good Girls
8. Earthquake
9. Koo Stark
10. C.G.I.T.
11. Jimmy The Con
12. Paints Her Toenails
13. Nobody Understands Me
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