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Item no. : CWE003CD
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 09 October 2020



The third stunning collection of new recordings from Hall of Fame inductee Chris White!

1. CELEBRATION (Feat.Sparrow)
2. OUT THROUGH THE STARS (Feat. Elvis Chambers)
3. CAN’T SEEM TO FALL IN LOVE (Feat. Et Tu Brucé)
4. YOUR HEART IS MINE (Feat. Maggie Ryder)
5. TO LIVE A DREAM (Feat. Tim Renwick)
6. LOVING YOU (Feat. Kevin Finn)
7. UP AGAINST THE WALL AGAIN (Feat. Francie Conway)
8. MAN GO FIND A WOMAN (Feat. Joe Lee Wilson)
9. HOLD ON TO ME (Feat. John Verity)
10. UNHAPPY GIRL (Feat. Colin Blunstone)
11. TODAY MORE THAN EVER (Feat. Chris White)
12. WOULD YOU? (Feat. Bianca Kinane)
13. LET’S HAVE A PARTY (Feat. Kevin Finn)
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