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Item no. : FAT968CD
Artist : CJ RAMONE
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 17 March 2017



Out of seven billion or so people on the planet, only seven have been lucky enough to be gifted the Ramones surname.
CJ got the nod in 1989 when he expertly stepped in for Dee Dee, and played with the legendary punk quartet until they disbanded in 1996.

CJ sang lead vocals on “Strength To Endure”, and even wrote two tracks for Ramones’ farewell album ¡Adios Amigos!.
With all of this under his belt, CJ seems to just be getting started.Since 1996, CJ has continued to make music.

CJ Ramone’s debut album Reconquista was unleashed unto the world in 2012, followed by Fat Wreck Chords debut Last Chance to Dance two years later.
2017 brings new fans and the Ramones faithful CJ Ramone’s strongest material to date in American Beauty.
Featuring Steve Soto (Adolescents), Dan Root (Adolescents), and the addition of Street Dogs drummer Pete Sosa; American Beauty continues the sound and style true to the Ramones.
The spirit of ’77 shines bright on tracks like “Yeah Yeah Yeah” and “Girlfriend In A Graveyard”, while being unafraid to slow things down with “Before The Lights Go Out” and “Tommy’s Gone” (a delicate 90-second acoustic tribute to Tommy Ramone).
With a packed tour schedule throughout 2017, fans can rest assured their Ramones fix will be satisfied.

1. Let’s Go
2. Yeah Yeah Yeah
3. You’ll Never Make Me Believe
4. Before the Lights Go Out
5. Girlfriend in a Graveyard
6. Tommy’s Gone
7. Run Around
8. Steady As She Goes
9. Without You
10. Be a Good Girl
11. Moral to the Story
12. Pony
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