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Item no. : PPR244
Artist : CJ RAMONE
Product type : Vinyl 12" Picture Disc
Release Date : 31 January 2020



Back in 2012, CJ Ramone and long time Ramones crew member Gene Frawley came to us and asked us to help get his debut solo album pressed and out there, making sure CJ had records to sell when he hit the road. This wasn’t a Ramones nostalgia trip—though of course CJ and his band obliged the fans with the requisite classics — this was a mission to write and record albums in his own right, that could sit proudly in a Ramones fan’s collection; carrying on the legacy left by his fallen brothers. So, with the Pirates being the RAMONES diehards we are, it was a no-brainer! In 2014, CJ hooked up with our friends down the street in San Francisco at Fat Wreck Chords. While Fat had released plenty of Ramones-influenced records over the years (Teenage Bottlerocket, Masked Intruder, etc.), they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to release a record by an actual Ramone, and subsequently handled CJ’s next three albums. CJ Ramone’s second solo album, Last Chance To Dance, was recorded with an all-star backing band of Steve Soto and Dan Root (Adolescents), with David Hidalgo, Jr. (Social Distortion/The Bronx) on drums. With a sound and style true to the Ramones, CJ created a positively infectious punk rock record. Sometimes you just “need a Ramones fix,” as Joey said, and CJ Ramone’s Last Chance to Dance satisfies that craving in spades.
Side A
1. Understand Me?
2. Won't Stop Swinging
3. One More Chance
4. Carry Me Away
5. Til the End
6. Long Way to Go
Side B
1. Mr. Kalashnikov
2. Pitstop
3. Grunt
4. You Own Me
5. Last Chance to Dance
6. Cluster Fuck
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