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Item no. : HUMM078LP
Product type : Vinyl LP
Label : HUMMUS
Release Date : 13 November 2020



Due to that fuckin’ virus and the lockdown going with it, Hummus Records and Coilguns founder Jona Nido suddenly had some free time to kill. He also happens to be the guitar player in Closet Disco Queen. The band had not played or given any sort of news for almost two years. No one really knows if they are on a long hiatus or if the band actually broke up. To summarize this release in one sentence : Sorting out shit on hard drives during the lockdown can make people (especially those running a record label) want to release records that no one asked for. This live album features songs from two different shows. The first one was recorded in Krasnodar, Russia in 2016 during the band’s second Russian tour named “Draining Russia’s Vodka Reserve Tour 2016”. It was engineered, recorded and mixed by Evgeny Poluyantsev, friend of the band and back then also the official sound guy at this venue called Sgt. Peppers. There was no purpose to this live recording other than the sound guy being nice enough to offer and set it up. This is probably why Luc (drums) and Jona (guitar) had to add “Vodka Version” next to some songs. I mean, coffee and fruit juices weren’t exactly the official drink back (and on) stage… The second show was recorded at L’Aéronef in Lille, France, during the band’s last tour in June 2017. Closet Disco Queen was supporting Red Fang on a few shows. After the Lille show, the band’s sound guy – super hero Chris Edrich – gave them a USB stick and said : “Here’s a stereo recording of tonight’s mix.”. And that was it. “Drink the Minibar” was the name of the band’s 2017 tour of Poland. Credit goes to polish promoter and longtime friend “Boro” (he also plays in this awesome band called Lonker See)
1. Ninjaune – Live In Krasnodar
2. El Moustachito (vodka version) – Live in Krasnodar
3. Black Sorbet – Live in Krasnodar
4. Hey Sunshine – Live in Krasnodar
5. Délicieux – Live in Lille
6. IYD (In Your Dreams) – Live in Lille
7. The Shag Wag – Live in Lille
8. Le Soucieux Toucan – Live in Lille
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