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Item no. : MMPCD0792ECO
Artist : COCHISE
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 01 November 2019



New studio album by one the best grunge rock bands from Poland. The follow-up to the album “Swans And Lions” (2018) is their sixth full-length release. Musically, new material is a continuation of what the band recorded so far. Cochise perfectly blend energetic songs enriched with heavy, almost metal sounds with more delicate, atmospheric ones. The new material proves that they can remain true to the rock tradition and still enrich their sound with fresh and original ideas. After a few years break the band returned to their native language in some texts. The title of the album was taken from a documentary film about the cultural assimilation of Indians and their fight for human rights with white people. Dennis Banks, leader of the American Indian Movement, said these words in court in Custer, South Dakota in January 1973. "Today is a good day to die because it contains all my life." This refers to the possibilities that arised from reviewing of life and finishing what remained still open. For Cochise, some doors still remain open

The band was formed in 2004 in Białystok, Poland. The current line-up includes: Paweł Małaszyński on vocals (he is also a very successful movie actor in Poland), Wojtek Napora on the guitar, Radek Jasiński on the bass guitar and Adam ‘Argon’ Galewski on the drums. So far, they have released a demo “9” plus five full-length releases - „Still Alive” (2010), „Back to Beginning” (2012), „118” (2014), “The Sun Also Rises For Unicorns” (2015) and "Swans And Lions" (2018).

1. Bad Animal/s
2. Last Ride
3. Angel Dust
4. The Weeping Song (Nick Cave cover)
5. Pustki
6. Karzeł
7. W Pomroczach
8. Superstar
9. Ring O’Roses
10. Space Of Love
11. Oceany
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