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Mountain is the legendary American rock band led by Leslie West. The band was formed in 1969 and played on of its early dates at the equally legendary Woodstock Festival in August 1969. In September 1969 Corky Laing joined Mountain replacing original drummer Norman Smart. Both Leslie and Corky still regularly tour the world as Mountain and continue to release albums. First Steps is an archive release featuring recordings from Leslie's pre Mountain band The Vagrants and Corky's pre Mountain band Energy. The material contained in this release is extremely rare with some of the recordings being previously unreleased. Of major interest to Mountain fans will be the inclusion of previously unavailable recordings of Mountain taken from the sessions for their debut album Climbing. The album will be a two CD release and contain extensive sleeve notes detailing the tracks and the background to the bands The Vagrants and Energy with contributions from the members of the bands featured.
Disc 1
1. VAGRANTS: Respect 2. I Can't Make A Friend 3. Beside The Sea 4. I Don't Need Your Loving 5. Young Blues 6. And When Its Over 7. A Sunny Summer Rain 8.The Final Hour 9. My Babe 10. I Love, Love You (Yes I Do) 11. Oh These Eyes 12. You're Too Young 13. Your Hasty Heart 14. Satisfaction 15. MOUNTAIN: Untitled 16. Boys In The Band 17. Never In My Life 18. Theme From An Imaginary Western 19. Sittin' On A Rainbow 20. For Yasgur's Farm
Disc 2
1. FELIX BASS Solo 2. ENERGY LIVE 1969 - Black Bottom Blues 3. Champagne and Wine 4. I Shall Be Released 5. Rockin Mahoney 6. We Can Talk 7. What Tomorrow May Bring 8. 1st Mississippi Queen 9. 1st Yasgur's Farm 10. Corrina
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