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Item no. : PRO2713
Artist : COVEN
Product type : Vinyl - 5 LP Box Set
Release Date : 10 September 2021



On the sunset eve of the sixties, as flower power was wilting and the winds of change blew a cold breeze over Altamont, Coven struck the first chords of major label satanic rock. Instantly infamous for being the first to use the words "Ave Sathanas" on a record, Coven was boycotted. Not only this but their debut album from 1969 kicks off with a song called 'Black Sabbath.' The bass player's name was Oz Osborne, who can be seen on the albums back cover making the first documented sign of the horns.
Now the magic of Coven is coming together in a large box set including a 48-page hardcover book (30x30cm) with never before seen photo material and the whole band discography and bonus on 5 LPs. The book also offers extensive commentary and liner notes from Jinx and a preface by Rune Anger.
Of these grandiose plots, Jinx says: "We are enthralled to be wickedly embracing Prophecy Productions as our blasphemous cohorts. This box set will be a tribute to 50 years of sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll and, of course, demon worship."

LP1 - Witchcraft Destroys Minds And Reaps Souls
1. Black Sabbath
2. White Witch Of Rose Hall        
3. Coven In Charing Cross             
4. For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge           
5. Pact With Lucifer         
6. Choke, Thirst, Die        
7. Wicked Woman           
8. Dignitaries Of Hell       
9. Portrait           
10. Satanic Mass              

LP2 - Coven
1. Nightingale    
2. Shooting Star
3. Natural Love 
4. What Can I Get Out Of You     
5. Dar Day In Chitown    
6. Jailhouse Rock              
7. Lonely Lover 
8. I Guess It’s A Beautiful Day Today        
9. Washroom Wonder   
10. Nobody’s Leavin’ Here Tonight          
11. One Tin Soldier  (The Legend Of Billy Jack)

LP3 - Blood On The Snow
1. Don’t Call Me
2. This Song’s For All You Children            
3. Lady-O            
4. Blue, Blue Ships           
5. I Need A Hundred Of You        
6. Hide Your Daughters 
7. Lost Without A Trace 
8. Easy Evil          
9. Blood On The Snow   

LP4 - Esoterica
1. Walpurgisnacht           
2. Sexe Cérémonie Satanique
3. A Spell Of Many Reasons         
4. The Jinxing Spell          
5. The Crossroads Spell  
6. Money Conjure           
7. Love Spell       
8. Chaos Magick

LP5 - Rarities
1. Prelude           
2. Out Of Luck   
3. Epitaph           
4. Black Swan    
5. Quick And The Dead  
6. Ave Satanas  
7. Black Sabbath (Demo Version)             
8. Wicked Woman (Demo Version)         
9. Dignitaries Of Hell (Demo Version)

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