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Release Date : 08 February 2010



What is left to say about Germany’s most successful Gothic Metal Band, who already established themselves with their 2nd album „...just dreaming“ in 1994 after 19 years of unique band history? The most remarkable is the fact that CREMATORY became a celebrated band worldwide and not only in the German speaking territories. They did numerous interviews, TV- and Radio appearances and lots of shows worldwide, for which CREMATORY were highly acclaimed by both fans and metal press and still are! CREMATORY gained massive popularity with hits like “Tears of time”, “Shadows of mine”, “Ist es wahr”, “Fly”, “The Fallen”, “Greed”, “Tick Tack”, “Höllenbrand” and “Pray” just to name a few. For more than 19 years now the band proves that their hit potential is still there and the machine is still running on full power! What is still to come after all those years? CREMATORY on the zenith of their musical work? Completely wrong! “Gothic-Thrash-Metal” as well as getting faster, heavier, louder, and darker where the goals for the work on the new album “INFINTY”. Lyrically and vocally CREMATORY use again english lyrics on “INFINTY” but also two german tracks have made it on the album. The splitted vocals of Felix and Matthias, the extreme duel of clean vocals and deep growls surely was kept and even improved. CREMATORY deliver hot fireworks of their catchy trademark tunes, topped with massive guitar riffing which turned out heavier and darker than on their previous albums. Gothic-Thrash-Metal is exactly the right description for this new masterpiece. A cover tune can never beat the original – CREMATORY know that too but they already proved quality versions of Sisters of Mercy’s “Temple of Love” and Metallica’s “One” in the past which undoubtly have their own characteristic sound. For this reason the cover of Depeche Mode’s “Black Celebration” made it on the album, which not only refers to the songtitle. CREMATORY turned this classic track into a Gothic Rock´n Roll track which will gain massive attention for sure and is set for another club hit for the band. “INFINITY” was once more recorded at the Kohlekeller Studios with Kristian “Kohle” Kohlmannslehner, who already did the chartalbums “Revolution”, “Klagebilder” and “Pray” with the band. To present the album live to their fans the “Infinity over Europe” tour will be start in April 2010. In summer the band will play on several big open air festivals before the 2nd part of the tour will follow.
1. Infinity
2. Sense of Time
3. Out of Mind
4. Black Celebration
5. Never Look back
6. Broken Halo
7. Where are you now
8. A Story About…
9. No one Knows
10. Auf Der Flucht
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