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Item no. : SOM646LP
Product type : Vinyl - 3 LP Box Set
Release Date : 09 September 2022



Since its 2004 creation by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Justin Greaves, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX has served as the voice for the voiceless, whether it be animals, the unequal and the different. Henceforth, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX’s mission has been to shed light on the human condition and the inequalities that befall humankind and its creatures. Their battle marches on with their latest studio album, Banefyre. The record is imbued with the depth and introspection that will reinforce CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX’s standing as a band that defies genre.
1. Intro/Incantation For The Different
2. Wyches And Basterdz
3. Ghostland
4. The Reckoning
5. Bonefire
6. Rose Of Jericho
7. Blackout77
8. Down The Rabbit Hole
9. Everything Is Beautiful But Us
10. The Pilgrim
11. I'm OK, Just Not Alright
12. The Scene Is A False Prophet
13. No Regrets
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