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Item no. : AFMCD333
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Release Date : 01 November 2010



CRYSTAL VIPER are not only Poland´s most promising and best heavy metal band, they are on the jump to become one of the leading female-fronted metal bands. Singer Marta Gabriel not only has the looks, but also the talent and a powerful voice that will shake the ground of the metal scene.
CRYSTAL VIPER can be compared to the legendary WARLOCK (with DORO Pesch on vocals), as the band is heavily influenced by 80´s classic metal like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, early Manowar and others.
After 2 studio albums, 1 EP release and several contributions to tribute albums, CRYSTAL VIPER have released their first "live" album in June 2011. It contains the full set of the band´s gig at the Magic Circle festival 2009 and in addition mouth-watering bonus tracks (some for the first time ever available on CD, others only available on limited editions before + 2 completely unreleased songs.
But this release really was just the foreplay of even bigger things to come: their 3rd studio album, titled "Legends". Every metalhead will fell enormous delight in diving into the world of myths and legends, all presented by an authentic, blistering and enthusiastic band that will surprise many. Leading journalists already go nuts for “Legends” and see the inevitable international breakthrough nearby. CRYSTAL VIPER will not be one of the best kept secrets any longer...

1. The Truth (Intro)
2. The Ghost Ship
3. Blood Of The Heroes
4. Greed Is Blind
5. Sydonia Bork
6. Goddess Of Death
7. Night Of The Sin
8. Secret Of The Black Water
9. A Man Of Stone
10. Black Leviathan
11. TV War*

*bonus track on first pressing!

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