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Dedicated to Darkness and fascinated by everything brutal and extreme in the metal kind, Damnation was formed in autumn 1991.

The first demo tape “Everlasting Sickness” was recorded in February 1993 and sold more than 800 copies worldwide in a short period of time.
In April 1994 Damnation entered the studio again to record promo tape “Forbidden Spaces”.

In summer 1995 the band recorded their debut album “Reborn…” containing 40 minutes of blasphemous brutal death metal the old way – the only way…

“Reborn…” was released in October 1995 and got very positive reviews worldwide: It was said to be one of the most important releases in the genre in 1995.

1. Pagan Prayer/The Antichrist
2. The Land Of Degredation
3. Leaving Into New Reality
4. From Broken Cross (bleeding Jesus) /Time Of Prophets
5. Infestation/Maldoror is dead
6. Forbidden Spaces
7. The Ruling Truth
8. Behind The Wall Of Tears
9. Reborn...
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