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Wood, copper, nickel, and oil. These are some of the elements that come together to make musical instruments. Los Angeles band Darkwalker uses these elements to manifest a sound that is both as Iconic and as skillfully crafted as the instruments they play. The band perfected a sonic alchemy that turns gritty guitar riffs, pounding drums, and rich melodic vocals into powerful soundscapes that take the listener into the halls of the rock and roll temple. This is an imaginative group that has managed to take the classic principles of 60's and 70's rock and make a sound all of their own. Their debut album "The Wastelands" features songs inspired by such classic acts as; Steppenwolf, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. As well as a stylistic nod to the more contemporary rock groups of the 80's and beyond. With lyrics culled from Stephen King’s The Dark Tower book series, Darkwalker focuses their magic on only one goal. To create the most honest and purified sounds their instruments and voices can achieve. This is truly a band that will leave its mark on the listeners mind.
1. Black Thirteen
2. Gunslingers
3. The Dark Tower
4. Memories Of Another Life
5. Crimson King
6. Drawing Of The Tree
7. The Battle Of Devar-Toi
8. Black Thirteen (bonus video-clip)
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