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Item no. : FAT727LP
Artist : DEAD TO ME
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 23 February 2009


After blasting onto the scene with their fantastically popular debut release, Cuban Ballerina, DEAD TO ME are back with their second offering, Little Brother. Where some bands might falter under the pressure of writing a sophomore release after receiving endless accolades from critics and fans alike, DEAD TO ME thrived. Utilizing their collective talents and experience gained while playing in such varied bands as One Man Army, Heavens, and Western Addiction, DEAD TO ME have crafted another masterpiece. Little Brother is a five song EP that accomplishes the seemingly impossible task of surpassing the lofty heights that their first full length attained. The album is saturated with unforgettable melodies, earnestly belted out by the dueling lead vocals of Jack and Chicken, and as a whole, displays the band’s maturation and songwriting prowess. Little Brother is a captivating ride that grabs the listener from the first note and resonates well after the last chord rings out.
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