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Item no. : SC369CD
Product type : Compact Disc Double
Release Date : 03 April 2020


New musical suite by the occult horror metal monsters DEATHLESS LEGACY.
Saturnalia is an avant-garde concept musical suite that marks the fifth chapter of Deathless Legacy’s discography. The 24-minutes song is complemented by a black and white medium-length film in the style of the early 1900’s silent expressionist cinema, which is a hybrid between a music video and a movie. Mixing harsh and clean voice without opera singing, ‘Saturnalia’ ranges from heavy metal to gothic metal, from symphonic metal to death and progressive metal. It is a symphonic horror metal suite, where the atmospheric keyboards and orchestrations give it an intense and powerful feel. The story tells of conspiracies and murders in ancient Rome, where the main character is the slave Lucius: he will have to face an esoteric metamorphosis path that will lead him to face his former owner.
CD: 1) Saturnalia
DVD: 1) Saturnalia + Extras
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