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Release Date : 22 June 2018



Neither the past nor the future ever mattered that much for the death thrashing 4-piece that is DEATHSTORM, something that hasn’t changed since to bands beginning in 2010. “Since the past already has been discussed and the future is up to what you (yeah YOU, reading these lines) make of it, it is the present that is the most interesting and only relevant". The present in this case is called "Reaping What Is Left" as drummer Manuel calls it. As with their previous records, the band again managed to take the logical next step, always keeping in mind what the main intention was from the beginning on. “While the writing and especially the recording was not all guns and roses, the process of making the record was immensely gut-wrenching and thereby highly rewarding. We have never learned that much in such a short period of time,” is what bassist and vocalist Marco says after being asked about how the recording sessions turned out. “After always having problems with engineers and/or people mixing the previous records, <<Reaping What Is Left>> was produced with a highly professional bunch of people and thereby managed to even surpass the earliest expectations and goals set on what the final outcome should sound like”. Manuel mentions, “That’s what we always wanted, to get those warm and punchy drums full of energy much like on the first three Slayer major label releases.” With the mix Olof (Wikstrand) delivered and the master from Temple Of Disharmony they definitely managed to achieve that. “Especially when coming from an area where good recording possibilities and especially good music is something very rare, it was such a mesmerizing feeling to hear the end result and what we came up with,” according to guitarist Markus.
1. The Reaping
2. Agent of Dismay
3. Predatory Kill
4. Ossuary Darkness
5. Hallowed Ground
6. By Sword, By Pick, By Axe
7. Unholy Lamentations
8. GRL
9. Dying Insane
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