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Release Date : 25 May 2015



The third, and latest to date, album by the uncompromising havoc-wreaking technical death metallers from California! Influenced by melodic and progressive compositions, yet devastatingly brutal to the core, Decrepit Birth is certainly one of those bands that keep the death metal scene alive and kicking! New edition re-released on Golden Disc, limited and numerated to 2000 copies.

01. (A Departure of The Sun) Ignite The Tesla Coil
02. Metatron
03. The Resonance
04. Polarity
05. Solar Impulse
06. Mirroring Dimensions
07. A Brief Odyssey In Time
08. The Quickening of Time
09. Sea of Memories
10. Symbiosis
11. Darkness Embrace
12. See Through Dreams (Death cover)
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