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Release Date : 21 August 2015


DEEP PURPLE - A MATTER OF FACT is the perfect companion to Deep Purple's music. Full Of Bizarre, obscure and amazing facts that have surrounded the band throughout it's career of over forty years.
If you have ever had disagreements with fellow fans about various facts or want to test the biggest fan you know on just how good their Deep Purple Knowledge is, then this si the book for you.
Researched by recognised aficionado Jerry Bloom, whose previous tomes include the highly acclaimed Richtie Blackmore biography "Black Knight", this book has been compiled from thorough research including archives of the band's management company Deep Purple (Overseas) Ltd. who have provided full support for this project.

* How did Ian Paice end up supporting Deep Purple?
* Why did Ritchie Blackmore's country and western guitar playing save him from a beating?
* Why did Dire Straits' Mark Knopfler review a Purple gig?
* Who in the early seventies recorded versions of several Deep Purple songs, complete with an orchestra?
* Did Deep Purple's explosive performance at the 1970 Plumpton Festival really prevent
Yes from performing?
* Which future British Prime Minister sneaked out of school to see Deep Purple in 1970?
* Who did Deep Purple sue for selling bootlegs?
* What was Deep Purple's involvement with a film about a sixteenth century naval explorer that never got produced?
* Which member offered to play an evening of Cole Porter songs?
* Why did the Bee Gees receive Deep Purple's lifetime achievement award?
* Why were some of Deep Purple's 2011 gigs illegal?

The Answers to all these questions, and many more amazing facts are revealed in this captivating book, which is also illustrated throughout...


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