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Release Date : 23 February 2018



Las Vegas female-fronted doom metal band DEMON LUNG have built quite a reputation for themselves via two critically acclaimed albums on Candlelight Records and live appearances all over the west coast with bands like Candlemass, Crowbar, Venom Inc., High On Fire, Eyehategod, Today Is the Day, Saint Vitus, Pentagram and more.

in 2018, DEMON LUNG will reissue their previously self-released 2012 EP, “Pareidolia,” on vinyl for the first time. Limited to 300 copies on Black & Green Marble, “Pareidolia” will include four bonus tracks, including covers of Twisted Sister’s “Captain Howdy” and Danzig’s “How the Gods Kill.”

“With every studio session we’ve ever done, we've always thrown down some of our favorite covers at the end of live tracking,” explains drummer Jeremy Brenton (also a member of The Fat Dukes Of Fuck). “This was just the perfect time to open the vault and pull out our favorites.”

In addition, DEMON LUNG have included an old, original track. “’Pray For Rain’ is a song that we recorded around the same time as the original 'Pareidolia' EP. We wanted to keep it to four songs, so we dropped it before finishing the solo section”, says Jeremy.

Finally, the reissue includes a surprise cut, a cover of Seattle friends and frequent touring partners Wounded Giant’s “The Road to Middian.” “We jammed the song with Wounded Giant at the end of their set on tour every night,” says Jeremy. “[Wounded Giant singer/guitarist] Bobby James came down to hang out with us and we figured we should try to record it for posterity.”

“We are still very proud of the original EP and are stoked to have it finally issued on vinyl through M-Theory,” he continues. “Why now? I don’t really have a good answer for that. We wanted to put it on vinyl and we had enough to fill up the other side!”

1. Lament Code
2. Sour Ground
3. Death Mask
4. Pareidolia
5. Pray For Rain
6. The Road To Middian (Wounded Giant cover)
7. Captain Howdy (Twisted Sister cover)
8. How The Gods Kill (Danzig cover)
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