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Release Date : 07 January 2013



If there’s one band to embody the spirit of the underground, it has to be DESASTER. Since 1989 the Koblenz quartet has stood for uncompromising black/thrash metal the way it was meant to be. Unimpressed by passing fads, the band has chosen the same path that legends such as HELLHAMMER and DESTRUCTION trod before them. In these times when every mediocre newcomer is surrounded by an aura of artificial hype, the existence of grassroots musicians is all the more important, to whom only one thing really matters: the spirit of Metal. With that in mind, an album title such as “666 – Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate” tells a lot about DESASTER and their ever-growing legion of die-hard fans. Without the slightest sign of compromise towards modern trends, the four leather and spike clad freaks race through their new album, which this time tends a bit more towards the thrash end of things. Food for headbangers galore! Whiplash guaranteed! The sticker “absolutely trend-free” can still be proudly stuck on each and every one of their album covers! This is extreme metal in its pure, original form, the way it was supposed to sound form the very beginning. Become a part of the “Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate” and raise the devil horns!

1. The March Of Fire And Conquest (Intro)
2. Satan‘S Soldiers Syndicate
3. Angel Extermination
4. Razor Ritual
5. Hellbangers
6. Fate Forever Flesh
7. Vile We Dwell
8. Tyrannizer
9. Venomous Stench
10. More Corpses For The Grave

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