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Release Date : 20 March 2020



A true slab of  NWOBHM history finally see’s official release via Dissonance Productions. "While The Flame Still Burns" is the second full length album by UK metal legends Desolation Angels, originally released in 1990 on cassette tape. While the Flame Still Burns was recorded at Silvercloud Studios, Burbank, California, U.S.A. The year was 1990, and many of the songs were recorded during this time, after Desolation Angels relocating from England three years previous. Sam Willmore, drums, had only been with the band for a year, but after extensive gigging we felt it was time to go into the studio to record, which would have been our second album release. With an imminent tour across America fast approaching, the album was put on hold. Finally with the sessions back on track, relationships became strained with vocalist Dave Wall, so it was decided  he was to be replaced. By now it was the winter of 91/92 and with only two weeks rehearsal time, Lee Addison was flown out from England. With all eight of the songs reworked and recorded the album was complete. While the Flame Still Burns was produced by Sean Kinesie, with special thanks to Joe Floyd, additional guitar, and Perry McCarty, backing vocals, both from the classic American band Warrior. Many bootleg versions have surfaced over the years, including the Dave Wall cuts, but we feel this version will do the songs justice and needs to be unleashed again.
1.Only Time Will Tell
2.Soul Of The City
3.While The Flame Still Burns
4.I’m On Fire
5.Power Hungry
6.Wings On My Heels
8.Feels Like Thunder
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