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Due 27 May 2022
Item no. : EMZ48LP3
Artist : DETEST
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 27 May 2022



DETEST is the epitome of how rock’n’roll music can save you, but rock’n’roll life can also kill you... In the early 90s the band emerged in the Scandinavian underground scene as big hopes for death metal, with rave reviews, fiercely played concerts and an urgency in their musical approach which, together with a science fiction lyrical concept, had their name written in the press alongside Obituary, Death and Nocturnus.
Unfortunately, it was too much, too soon for the young Danish lads. The band crumbled to drugs and alcohol - the rock’n’roll prophetical fallout cause - and split-up for 18 years. Their return brought an older and wiser musicians, with a clearer life vision, and this is exactly what their new album, “We Will Get What We Deserve”, reflects. A brutal and honest death metal collection of songs, where the spark of the old days still shine, but written and performed by mature extreme music veterans, reflecting on the state of the world address.
So, with all said and done, the questions that was there throughout Detest absence of the scene during a big part of the 90s and the 00s still resonates: would you do it all over again, with today’s knowledge? Are you the same person you were as a teenager? Do you wear your life-changing event marks as medals or scars? Because, in the end, you will get what you deserve.
After self-producing the first demo in 1991, roughly one year after the beginning of the project, Detest got a really good reception to it and got a gig at Roskilde Festival as the first Danish death metal band on the next biggest stage. In autumn of 1993, the band entered the studio again and the debut album “Dorval” was recorded and released getting even more publicity.
The word spread out, Detest were underground media darlings, lots of concerts were played and everything went as it should, until they got way too much of everything that was wrong, namely booze and drugs. The band members suddenly had very different ambitions and there were a lot of fights about how the music should sound, so in 1996 the party ended and Detest spilt up.

Fast forward to 2014. Detest reunited to do some concerts and it went well, but the other members didn’t want it as bad as guitar player John Petersen. So, the following years were spent on recruiting and testing new members who could conduct Detest in the right way and, come 2018, the band was a hard-hitting and more focused unit than ever before, having kicked out drink and booze.
The EP “A Moment Of Love” came out the next year and was very well received by the Danish metal press. Detest were clearly in the right track again, which led them to have enough motivation to work on studio album #2.

Enter “We Will Get What We Deserve”…!

For fans of: Obituary, Autopsy, Death & Nocturnus

1. This Is The End
2. The Process Of Doom Is On
3. Red Is All I See
4. We Will Get What We Deserve
5. Something You Disgrace
6. Start All Over
7. Fear Attracts The Fearless
8. The Solution
9. Vengeance Is Mine
10. You Wish
11. I Always Knew
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