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Item no. : 6420170
Artist : DEVIL-M
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 06 March 2020



The Embryogod lives - Time for a new Devil-M album. What might you expect when Germany´s wildest Industrial Metal Band yells at you "fuck it up to the extreme"? Maniacal Rage? Rabies? Most likely both of it. With "Astharat" the four raving mad and insane dreadheads deliver an equally tormenting and forceful masterwork that reminds of a kind of audiophilistic world war III massacre. This time even in their own mothers tongue: German, the language of pure sadism.
1. Requiem of Liturgy (Act 1: the Rising)
2. Requiem of Liturgy (Act 2: the Ceremony)
3. Requiem of Liturgy (Act 3: the Fall)
4. Faszination
5. 1000 Augen
6. Marilyn Medusa
7. Embryogott
8. Auf Stand
9. Saint Astharat
10. Embryo
11. Gabriel
12. Addendum
13. Third Nostril
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