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Release Date : 05 May 2017



Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your booze. Ring the bells and for fucks’ sake don‘t get into their way: the outlaws are back in town! Dezperadoz – a name that spread through the saloons like wildfire, a name that has been passed on in reverential whisper. Everyone having had the (mis)fortune of running into them will be marked for life. With guitars armed, with a thirst unquenchable, their mission is crystal clear: get Heavy Metal into the Wild Wild West. Or was it the other way round? It’s the return of the magnificent three. Five years after their last raid “Dead Man’s Hand”, Dezperadoz got their horses saddled once again to conquer even the last corner of the Wild West. As was the case in their glorious past, they can rely upon an explosive arsenal of meaty, straight-on Heavy Metal and the best of every single Western soundtrack ever written, thus forming an unholy and striking
alliance. Forged under the desert moon, it’s as inseparable as beans and bacon, as Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone.
01. W.H. Bonney
02. Hell & Back
03. Call Of The Wild
04. Silver City Shuffle
05. 600 Miles (The Escape)
06. All The Long Way Home
07. Bullets N' Bones (The House)
08. Lincoln Country War (The Regulators)
09. Mexican Standoff (Interlude)
10. Thirty Silver Dollars
11. Back In The Saddle (Hello Bob)
12. Fandango
13. Smile As My Last Day Ends
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