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Release Date : 06 December 2010



'Als waren wir fur immer' is the first DIE KRUPPS (mini) album with exclusively new material since 1997! With this mini-album, DIE KRUPPS again are breaking new ground, without denying their roots or moving away from their own unique sound... this album is 100% DIE KRUPPS... DIE KRUPPS 2010! Dance floor killers meet groove monsters, moving through the room like a steamroller... catchy melodies, massive hooks and lyrics with a message are DIE KRUPPS trademarks, and this album proves it again: body and mind are in perfect synchronicity! The remixes complete the picture and show the broad spectrum of DIE KRUPPS music - and prove that remixes can very well have a purpose... the UNHEILIG remix for example was a result of a show both bands played together 3 years ago, when UNHEILIG was not yet the headlining band they are today... out of pure sympathy, both bands agreed to remix each other’s music... the DIE KRUPPS remix was the first to be released, but because the band is only now releasing a new album, the UNHEILIG remix of 'Beyond' wasn't released earlier... fortunately, the track hasn't aged a bit and sounds as fresh and exciting as it did when it was originally conceived. 'Dr. Mabuse', an '80s classic by Ralf Dörper’s former band PROPAGANDA, which has been in DIE KRUPPS’ live repertoire since the early '90s and was played more frequently again in recent years, also found its way onto this album... it was decided that it was finally time to release a studio recording of DIE KRUPPS' frenetic version of the cult track. All new songs were again produced by Jürgen Engler & Chris Lietz... for the music, Jürgen Engler joined forces with guitarist Marcel Zürcher, who has been in the band since its reunion in 2005... Another featured track is 'Beyond' which is a collaboration with Chile’s best Industrial Rock act VIGILANTE. After 'Too Much History' now there is 'Als waren wir fur immer' (english.: ‘As if we were forever’)... it seems like there is no end in sight for DIE KRUPPS!
1. Beyond
2. The Chameleon Man
3. Die Macht 4. Dr. Mabuse
5. Als waren wir fur immer
6. Beyond / UNHEILIG Remix
7. The Chameleon Man / VIGILANTE Remix
8. Dr. Mabuse / MEMPHIS Remix
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