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Item no. : FAT101LP
Artist : DIRECT HIT!
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 30 November 2018



DIRECT HIT is back with their 2nd full-length album "Crown of Nothing" in just 3 years. Never known for idle hands, they even found time to release the killer 2017 split LP Human Movement with their friends and labelmates PEARS. Crown of Nothing was largely constructed in the shadows, with little information of its creation being shared with the public. This 14-track collection proves to be DIRECT HIT’s most challenging, elaborate, and downright catchy work to date. As with previous albums, Crown of Nothing is thematic: the idea that heaven and hell might be the same place. While the concept sounds serious and heavy, fear not. DIRECT HIT’s unique strain of “fuck you, get pumped” party punk reigns supreme throughout Crown of Nothing. DIRECT HIT deftly pivots from one style to the next over the 44 minutes that make up Crown of Nothing. Album opener “Different Universe” has a killer new-wave vibe, “Pain/Boredom” is a guaranteed circle pit starter, and “Bad Answer” is loaded with fuzz bass, a disco beat, and topped off with a sweet saxophone solo (because, why not?). DIRECT HIT weaves through genres with such precision and artistry that Crown of Nothing feels like the most incredible mix CD you’ve ever heard!
1. Different Universe
2. Welcome to Heaven
3. Pain/Boredom
4. Altered States
5. Perfect Black
6. Bad Answer
7. Life in Hell
8. Something We Won’t Talk About
9. You & I (Are Nothing But Lies)
10. The Problem
11. Bliss Addiction
12. Losing Faith
13. Disassemble
14. Heaven’s End
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