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Item no. : SRR070G
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 08 July 2022



The four-headed riff-snorting chimera that is 'Dirt Woman' release their debut 'The Glass Cliff'!

Killing it on this masterpiece of an album, Zoe Koch makes a haunting vocal performance, Avery Mallon bangs and booms from behind a monstrous drumkit, Gabe Soloman’s and Koch bring hellish, searing tones on guitars and Kearney Mallon provide thunderous bellows on bass!

The first track “Lady of the Dunes” gives a taster of what is to come. The phrase “Sabbath-in-slow-motion” comes to mind every time the riff drops back to another unbelievably heavy low note.

What do you expect from a band called Dirt Woman? Probably not this. Five songs, three of them thirteen-plus minutes, and a colossal sound that will leave you overwhelmed, clutching your head, wondering if you still have ears.

Each mammoth track has its own shade and flavour, all are dominated by Kearny Mallone’s guitar. Dubbed “The Big Guitar” in press releases, it’s a fitting name for the wall of sound blitz he conjures every time he strums. Heavy as Electric Wizard, more interesting than Windhand, it must be heard to be believed!

This psychedelic doom is not for the weak of heart, if this is their first record, imagine what else they are capable of... put that in your pipe and smoke it!

1. Lady of the Dunes
2. Creator
3. Fades to Greed
4. Demagogue
5. Starhawk
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