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Trends come and go in every musical genre and Death Metal is no exception with the current trends of Brutal Death Metal, Technical Death Metal, Blackened Death Metal or even “Cavernous” Old-School Death Metal all bringing countless soulless clones but nothing new to the table besides a few innovative bands blending styles yet bringing the genre to a whole new leven. DISOWNING -like its labelmates of AD PATRES, SKINNED or INSAIN– is one of them. True to the origins of the genre yet firmly rooted in their time, DISOWNING avoid entrapment in niches of any kind, using their high level of musicianship to shape surgical weapons yet never forgiving the sadly long lost art of songcrafting. This is a desolated and desparate world the international (Canada & France) band fronted by ex-OFFENDING singer Jesus the Butcher, depicts with debut full-length, “Human Cattle“. A world where rats are leading rats to their common end: self-destruction. But don’t be fooled by the bleak future you think you envision through “Human Cattle” for what’s on display here’s not about tomorrow, it’s today’s state of the weakened world address.. You’ll hardly get a better sight, front row and center, to Mankind’s ultimate end. Please be sitted. Fasten your seatbelts. On to the bottomless downward spiral into the abyss. Surgically crafted by gifted sound-engineer Sylvain BIGUET (ATARAXIE, IMPUREZA, TREPALIUM…) and viscerally illustrated by world-reknown graphic artist Rémy C. of HEADSPLIT Design (KREATOR, ARCH ENEMY, INSAIN…), “Human Cattle” is one of those few genre-bleding and mindmelting masterpieces that will stand out with time as true classics... if Humanity ever survive itself.
1. Ghost Area
2. Battle of Neverness
3. Another Piere in My Collection
4. Intoxicated by This Illusion
5. Suffocated by My Walls
6. The Servants of Chaos
7. Inner Emptiness
8. Alone on This Dark Path
9. Human Cattle
10. The Storm before the Storm
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