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Item no. : SOM276
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 18 February 2013



DISPERSE have been the buzz topic within progressive circles worldwide since the release of their debut album "Journey through the Hidden Gardens" (2010). Due to their excellent reputation, the Polish were invited to such prestigious genre festivals as the UK Tech-Metal Fest in Alton and Euroblast Festival in Germany. With their second studio release "Living Mirrors", DISPERSE are ready to take on the world. Their sophomore full-length displays amazing technical skills serving a surprisingly mature and confident songwriting. Although their roots ranging from PINK FLOYD via DREAM THEATER to CYNIC are clearly shining through, DISPERSE have found their own elegant style, injecting fresh momentum into Progressive Rock and Metal!
1. Dancing with Endless Love (instrumental)
2. Enigma Of Abode
3. Profane the Ground
4. Prana (instrumental)
5. Message From Atlantis
6. WOW! (instrumental)
7. Universal Love
8. Be Afraid of Nothing (instrumental)
9. Unbroken Shiver
10. Touching the Golden Cloud
11. Butoh (instrumental)
12. Choices Over Me
13. AUM
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