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Item no. : SOM241
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Release Date : 06 June 2011



expectant breath. A new star rises in the skies of Rock, born as the brainchild of five famous musicians drawing from their very illustrious pasts: vocals are contributed by Scandinavian superstar Hans Erik Dyvik Husby aka Hank von Helvete of TURBONEGRO fame. Tim Skold is best known for his tremendous bass lines in MARILYN MANSON and KMFDM. Guitar duties are shared by Anders Odden, who played for SATYRICON and CELTIC FROST and Audun Stengel from APOPTYGMA BERZERK. Finally EXTOL drummer David Husvik lives up to his huge reputation for technical excellence and catchy patterns. With brilliant dark Rock, groovy Metal and a sweet dose of catchiness the multinational group shapes its own unique brand of Metal Shock Rock. "I Declare: Treason" lives up to its reputation of being the most anticipated debut of 2011! DMTMC will rock you!
1. You Are God – Intro
2. Sign My Name
3. I Declare: Treason
4. Bleed Idiot Bleed
5. (Don't) Waste It
6. Blame Is The Game
7. Ok (We're Just About To Die)
8. Misconception
9. Glory (Throw The Axe)
10. Revenge
11. Victorious
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