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Release Date : 23 September 2013



The nucleus of the Doobies had first come together in 1969 in San Jose, California - although original members Tom Johnston (guitar, vocals) and John Hartman (drums) first named their band the less-than-enticing ‘Pud’, With the addition of Patrick Simmons (guitar, vocals) and Dave Shogren (bass), however, the re-christened Doobie Brothers began to whip up a storm across Northern California during 1970.
At this stage their act was a hard-rocking marriage of pounding drums and dual fuzz-toned lead guitars - unsurprisingly they became virtually a house-band for local chapters of the Hell’s Angels. Unfortunately, the group’s eponymous debut, issued in April 1971, failed to reflect their live performances, tending more towards an acoustic country sound.

Thankfully, their best loved album "The Captain and Me" was captured live, just two months before being released to the public in 1973.
This radio broadcast captures the Doobie Brothers at their very best, in their absolute prime.

1. South City Midnight Lady 7:06
2. Clear As Driven Snow 5:30
3. Long Train Running 4:48
4. Listen to the Music 4:01
5. China Grove 3:20
6. Rockin’ Down the Highway 5:17
7. Disciple 2:53
8. Jesus Is Just Alright /Disciple 14:43
9. Without You 6:53
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