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DYING GORGEOUS LIES keeps on evolving, and you can clearly notice this on the new album. With the addition of keyboardist/pianist Jay'Na D., the songs turned out to be more open and melodic without losing its heaviness. Liz's voice also keeps growing and growing, and has become even more brutal and varied than before!

The band comments on the new album:

In order to talk about the upcoming album "The Hunter And The Prey" we need to take a look back at the previous album "First World Breakdown". Not only the album title itself, but also songs like "Wipe Out Yourselves" clearly hinted at the end of the world as we know it.

"The Hunter And The Prey" takes place a few years later, in 2079 to be precise. The war over resources is over, but only a few parts of the earth are still inhabitable due to the nuclear rain, and the last remaining men and women are roaming around split up in small groups in search of non-contaminated water in food. We, the DYING GORGEOUS LIES, are the right hand and advisors of John, leader of the Wasteland Clan. You’ve probably already met John in one of our video teasers for the new album. "The Hunter And The Prey" is the prelude of an epic end time story, which will also be brought to the stage, when we play live.

We are the Wasteland Clan! Always remember, never forget!"

1. From The Ashes / Hellfire
2. We Are The Apocalypse
3. Revolution Day
4. …And As The Bombs Fell
5. Fatal Craving
6. New World Order
7. Ancient Tales
8. Beast Mode
9. Greetings From Aleppo
10. Sweet Taste Of Lies
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