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Release Date : 27 May 2022



ew album of the US psychedelic riffers!

"Elusive Mojo" finds the band firing on all cylinders with this unhinged, raw and dangerous new album. The band continues down their unique warpath mixing heavy psych rock, detroit-rock, proto-punk, and world music. The album contains caveman grooves that would rattle the remaining teeth out of the Asheton brother’s skulls, scorching saxophones that would make Nik Turner feel high on a potent mix of speed and Viagra, and basslines hot enough to melt down the Lemmy statue.

"Elusive Mojo" was recorded live to 2” tape in their beloved hometown of Philadelphia by Joe Boldizar (Sonic Praise) with Bob Pantella (Monster Magnet), and mastered by their old drinking buddy Tim Green (Melvins). What emerged was a burly, timeless and unique sounding record that is hard to tell if it was recorded in 1971 or 2022.

1. March of the Troglodytes
2. Elusive Mojo
3. Times Up
4. The Kenzo Shake
5. Venom
6. The Comedown
7. Deathwish 1970
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