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Compact Disc - 3 CD Box Set


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Item no. : AFMCD311
Artist : EDGUY
Release Date : 22 November 2010



EDGUY are one of those rare fairytales in the Metal scene. Started as a band of pupils their ambitions were high right from the start. Now you can see where this had led to...
Today EDGUY are one of Europe´s major forces in Melodic Power Metal.
The AFM re-release series of EDGUY classics now presents you their early albums, for the first time ever available in luxury box sets.
The first release of this series is titled "The Legacy". It includes the classic albums "Mandrake" and "The Savage Poetry" + a CD with bonus & live tracks.

The Savage Poetry:
1. Hallowed 
2. Misguiding Your Life 
3. Key To My Fate 
4. Sands Of Time 
6. Sacred Hell 
7. Eyes Of The Tyrant 
8. Frozen Candle 
9. Roses To No One 
10. Power And Majesty
11. bonus track: Key To My Fate (original recording)
12. bonus track: Hallowed (original recording)
1. Tears Of A Mandrake 
2. Golden Dawn 
3. Jerusalem 
4. All The Clowns 
5. Nailed To The Wheel 
6. The Pharaoh 
7. Wash Away The Poison 
8. Fallen Angels 
9. Painting On The Wall 
10. Save Us Now 
11. The Devil & The Savant
12. bonus track: Tears Of A Mandrake (live)
13. bonus track: Painting On The Wall (live)

Bonus CD:
1. Painting On The Wall (edit version) 
2. Golden Dawn (album version) 
3. Wings Of A Dream (version 2001) 
4. Painting On The Wall
5. Tears Of A Mandrake (single edit)
6. For A Trace Of Life 
7. But Here I Am 
8. La Marche Des Gendarmes 
9. Walk On Fighting (live)
10. Wake Up The King (live)
11. All The Clowns (video)
12. The Headless Game (video)

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