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Release Date : 17 December 2021



It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day… and I’m feeling good...
Eldritch’s latest masterpiece is easily their best effort ever. Hard to believe, given the exquisite quality of the entire back catalogue; nonetheless, this unique mixture of early progressive rock elements and modern metal sounds – with hints of AOR, thrash, classic and electronic music – is simply irresistible. You can hear some early-era Genesis mixed with an aggressive, Swedish-like riffing; the vocal lines of Terence Holler are quite original and combine influences picked from a large variety of styles too. The band also welcomed back keyboard player Oleg Smirnoff after 20 years, as he was a key member of their acclaimed first three records in the 90’s. ‘EOS’ is the goddess of the dawn in Greek mythology and the album sounds “classic Eldritch” and yet so contemporary: call it a second youth or, much better, just great music written and performed by a very skilled and confident ensemble.

1. Dead Blossom (intro)
2. Failure of Faith
3. The Cry of a Nation
4. Circles
5. No Obscurity
6. Sunken Dreams
7. Fear Me
8. I Can’t Believe It
9. The Awful Closure
10. EOS
11. Runaway (Bon Jovi cover)
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